Childhood friends since tee-ball, Corbin and Taylor tossed around the idea of creating some beer trucks for parties back in 2016. With great passion for beer and classic pickup trucks, no better vision could be born than the Tap Truck! Co-founder Taylor (the Tap), has always had a craving for finding the best local craft beers. While co-founder Corbin (the Truck) holds a soft spot in his heart for vintage American rigs. To-day, the two are stoked to be doing what they love most, and will never get tired of seeing peoples’ reactions to the trucks!

Taylor and Corbin began Tap Truck in San Diego. With a great deal of blood and sweat, they have personally restored all of their vehicles within the San Diego fleet. They enjoy sanding, welding, and fixing each truck along with selecting different styles to add to the collection for a nice variety to serve the needs of our great Tap Truck en-thusiasts. They also custom install each Kegerator system and of course test how each truck runs and pours.